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South Carolina Class Action Attorneys

The power of focused representation

The lawyers of Lewis Babcock LLP are among the most experienced in South Carolina in bringing class action lawsuits.  These cases involve a group or class of people who have been injured or ill-served by the same company or individual.  A class action lawsuit is a significant and essential legal mechanism.  It allows our attorneys to prosecute the group members’ claims efficiently and effectively as a single case, seeking compensation for the group’s overall losses through a settlement or a verdict in their favor.

This strategy, when used in carefully selected situations, almost always yields better results than can be obtained through individual lawsuits.  A class action can be a more effective approach when:

  • Your case involves relatively small damages and is just not worth fighting alone.  By joining with others in a class action, you can get compensation for yourself and others, and also send a message that wrongdoing has a price.
  • The offending company or individual has superior resources that they could use to steamroll your individual case.  A class action levels the playing field by joining together small claims into a much higher-stakes case for the defendant.

Knowledge and experience make the difference

Lewis Babcock LLP attorneys have represented groups of plaintiffs harmed by various kinds of practices, including:

Our attorneys have recently collaborated with others in writing the book Lewis & Sullivan on Class Actions, which will be used as a practice manual to help other South Carolina lawyers effectively put together class actions.  At Lewis Babcock LLP, we recognize the vital role class actions play in protecting victims’ rights and we are committed to continuing leadership in this important field. Our firm has obtained millions of dollars for class members in a variety of class actions.

To find out if you qualify for participation in a class action suit, contact our offices. Class action cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay nothing until Lewis Babcock LLP obtains a settlement or money judgment for you.

Learn more about Steps in a Class Action Case.

Contact our office for advice and support

Lewis Babcock LLP exists to help right the wrong when professional malpractice leaves you with losses, a business or land dispute threatens your financial interests, or the negligence or wrongdoing of a corporation, government entity or individual causes you harm.  For more information about how the laws apply to your situation and to find out how the firm can help you, contact Lewis Babcock LLP online or call our offices at 803-771-8000 to arrange an appointment.


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